FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Can visits be schedulded during my stay?

Of course. We can schedule everything for you. You just need to let us know in your reservation request.

How to make a reservation on CopTravel?

Via the links that you will find on our stay offers.

What are the payment methods accepeted on Coptravel ?

Payment by bank transfer is preferred. No cash payment will be accepted (eg for the deposit of the villas)

What languages are spoken in Portugal?

In addition to Portuguese, the shopping population speaks French and English.

Can i chosse the airline company with wich i want to travel?

Yes. You can let us know what you want at the airline level. The price  of course could be affected.

Can i come without my own golf equipement?

Most golf clubs have golf equipment for hire. It is necessary to stipulate this request in your reservation in order to communicate it to the club before your arrival. This may impact the departure time. The rental is not free.